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Originally Posted by ccorkin View Post

So the DOM 16gb card is a 44pin IDE connector...I've looked around trying to see if I can get something like a 44pin Female to Female adapter. Followed by one of these SATA/IDE>USB backup devices floating around from China (if this actually would work).

My question is, has anyone managed to get a system setup in order to do this themselves or can anyone point me in the direction of hardware to do what I purpose?
That should work. It looks like the adapter I used when I originally set up my dom-disk from scratch from within UAE.

Now, unless your dom-disk is different than mine (or the adapter is somewhat different) what you need to get is a small adapter with male-plugs on both ends. Like this one:

But with 44-pins. They are not expensive if you manage to find one. For my disk, I had to bend one pin so it wouldn't be in the way since the pata-interface on the adapter had one of the "holes" covered but other than that it worked great.

That being said, I find it more convenient to do it all from the A1200.

That is, get yourself a 2.5" cable that allows you to attach two devices. Configure the DOM-drive to be master (if possible), and get a compact-flash adapter (and compact flash disk) that can be used as slave. I use one from amikit that gives me a compactflash opening in the rear trapdoor (you still need the adaptor above though). Alternatively, a PCMCIA compactflash-reader. When that is in place, use dd or say Diavolo backup to make regular backups from the DOM-disk to the cf-card. Works great, and as a sidebonus: if you have a cf-reader on the windows-computer it makes it far more convenient to transfer files back and forth.

Hope this helps!
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