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DOM backup/connecting on a PC advice

Afternoon fellow Amigians,

I recently purchased a 16Gb pre-setup DOM (Disk-on-Module) in replacement to my current CF/SD card setup for my A1200:

Ebay - 16gb DOM

This works a treat, runs quick and flawlessly. My head-scratching issue is I want to create a backup of the entire DOM device via a Raw 1:1 copy using my PC (currently using HDD Raw Copy), which I have used/done in the past with my SD/CF card - Purley for piece of mind, should I tinker beyond the point of no return..!:

So the DOM 16gb card is a 44pin IDE connector...I've looked around trying to see if I can get something like a 44pin Female to Female adapter. Followed by one of these SATA/IDE>USB backup devices floating around from China (if this actually would work).

My question is, has anyone managed to get a system setup in order to do this themselves or can anyone point me in the direction of hardware to do what I purpose?

All always, many thanks for any assistance in advance!!

Cheers Chris.
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