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Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Btw, the screen aspect has not been conditioned by the scroll, since at 50fps it is as smooth as Amiga (you should see it in a real CPC).
But the screen aspect is conditioned by the Amstrad resolution, correct ? I mean, you had to redraw the graphics smaller.

Going OT, sorry but want to reply to your last bit!: I have a funny story with CPCs. I got my first one after being told a million times by a french dude I used to talk with on old IRC that it was amazing, and never did much with it because I needed a new disk drive, a power supply, a display... so ended up selling it as it was.
Then it piqued my interest again, a friend gave me one he had lying around and I decided this time to modify it so I could use it (fuck those 3" disks! Fuck the need for a monitor/special power supply!). After a long time, I built a really cool one I could use a lot.

I got rid of this pimped up 6128 after realizing the only thing worth watching in it was... wait for it... Batman Forever I really hated every single game, how poor all of it was, especially the modern stuff everyone (*cough*Dennis*cough :P) told me was amazing.

But I am stubborn and with the sound of CPC fans still ringing in my head "it's a great machiiiiine", I got a GX4000 with a C4CPC. And again, I had this feeling, that everything absolutely sucked. So I got rid of that too.

With this, I am done with CPCs and will take your word for how good this is. Since the only thing I ever liked on the CPC was made by you guys, I am sure Pinball Dreams is great, but I am still always interested in hearing conversation about it even though I dislike this machine a lot
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