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Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Therefore, what at first is an improvement: increase the default screen size and use a custom aspect ratio more appropriate to the game, in this debate has become in a defect.
I haven't said it's a defect, I was just trying to elaborate on what may make idrougge see this in a negative light.

Damien, I do realize the original game is in a "landscape" mode and I think this is where part of the "problem" occurs: since this is a port, maybe people expect it to display in a similar fashion. I'm not saying the original viewport is the best, though!

Personally, I don't like either solution: horizontally wide or more square.

I really loved the Pinball games on PSP because you could rotate the display then you would have a wide screen used vertically to play. Then you could see a LOT more of the table at once with little scrolling! I think for this game, that made it a lot better than the original (in that aspect, the physics were off and that was a big problem, unlike in your version Rhino, where physics are incredibly perfect!)

So yeah, I realize you increased the vertical resolution and can probably show a little more vertically, but since the horizontal resolution doesn't fill up the whole screen, and again, this displays on a horizontally-wide 4:3 monitor, it will look like you are "wasting" a lot of the space. You mentioned arcade games and this is a good point, usually, arcade game displays were optimized so you would have absolutely no empty space. Screen used perfectly with the game.

We have plenty of issues like this with home computers though, the Amiga is no stranger to empty areas either(like those 200 vertical screens that many hate so much), in the end, one cannot blame someone for thinking the screen looks "small" in this setting.

Here's a little comparison. Indeed, the CPC version shows more of the playfield at once than the Amiga version, but there's even more air on the sides than on the Amiga and this creates the effect of the screen seeming "small".
The PSP version in comparison even scrolls horizontally, but all screen is used, and on vertical mode that's 480 pixels worth of table tallness. There's very little vertical and horizontal scrolling

So even though I do think the way in which DI made it work with scrolling was really clever and not a problem, I personally prefer to see a bit more of the screen at once.

In motion, you can also have a feel for why it may seem smaller on CPC, since the graphics are actually smaller:

Anyway, I am not criticizing your compromise with the graphics, I think this s is a very clever way to make it fit in the CPC. I don'; t have a CPC to test anymore so I can't give any further comments But your work is great, keep it up! Maybe Batman Group wants to come back to the Amiga one day? I still remember your message about "getting into AGA" but, nothing happened

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