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BBOAH and co state the SX32Pro supports only 64mb of ram but people have 128 mb of ram in their cards. Is this revision specific? What kind of memory works? Apparently if you have 128mb of memory you can preload audio on (most?) CD32 WHDload games. Someone suggested that a socket splitter could perhaps enable 256mb of ram. Would this work?

If I'd update the Kickstart would I need bake one to include CD32 specific libraries? Some versions of WB have problems with the internal CD drive. Which are these and can they be patched these days?

Is there no way of using the FMV with SX32?

It's been stated that the SX32 is unstable mainly due to power requirements. What are the alternatives to the original power supply? I wouldn't mind playing with adapters but I'm not the type of person to start peeling off and soldering my own wires.
Officially, the SX32Pro does support onlyup to 64Mb Ram, but i also read about people trying out 128 mb an it worked. I'm not sure if the amiga is able to adress 256 mb ram.

Cd32 uses a modified WB 3.1 rom, so you shouldn't replace the roms. AFAIK you can't use a A1200/4000 rom.

the original cd32 PSU may work with an cd32 MKII , but it's too weak for a SX32 Pro. i needed to buy another one, which was a modified A500/A1200 PSU using 5A.

You cannot use both, FMV and SX32Pro, since the Pro is an internal expansion card, as it's the FMV module.
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