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Hi, thanks for all your good insight.

Originally Posted by xArtx View Post
Hi The CD32 PSU can barely run the CD32 and a couple of other peripherals,
let alone, memory, HDD, faster CPU, etc.
There’s a beefy CD32 supply on eBay right now that just needs the mains connector (240 Volt mains though).

The CD32 doesn’t need any negative supply rail, so any 12/5 Volt supply of decent power is ok.
Do you have a link to the beefy CD32 PSU? I went out and ordered this a Phobya 90W psu and an molex adapter for it from Amikit.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Preloading takes approx 1mbyte per disk plus say 4 Mbytes max for execution space. Pretty sure 64mb should preload anything
I've read that the CD32 titles can take up to 128mb with audio and if it's not preloaded I've read that the screen goes black while loading audio.

I don't still really like my options for transfering files but I hope JimDrew get's his WiModem for Amiga done. Meanwhile I'll probably use floppy disks and a computer from another location

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