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I can’t answer a lot of that since I only own SX-1 units.

The CD32 PSU can barely run the CD32 and a couple of other peripherals,
let alone, memory, HDD, faster CPU, etc.
There’s a beefy CD32 supply on eBay right now that just needs the mains connector (240 Volt mains though).

The CD32 doesn’t need any negative supply rail, so any 12/5 Volt supply of decent power is ok.

FMV works with SX-1 because it can fit in the CD32 enclosure.
I don’t know how you’d propose to connect it with an internal expansion.
If it did technically work, you’d still need to make your own funky expansion adapter.

If the battery is a lithium button, they are supposed to last ten years, and I’ve not yet heard of any of them leaking.
Even litium AA batteries I’ve yet to hear of one leaking crap into battery compartments.
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