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You would probably need to see all this while the Amiga is running some software that intensively uses the chipset, like a demo or game? All demanding software tends to take over the system, so you can't really have other programs running at the same time. It probably needs to be an external solution.

WinUAE has all sorts of debugging aids, including a recently added memory activity map, which might help visualize at least some of the things you want. Of course it is emulation, but it is quite precise, so if you ran the same demo (or whichever piece of code) on the actual A1000 and in WinUAE, you might get a reasonable visualization by combining footage of both.

Also, Kickstart 1.0 ..? There are various system sniffer programs for the Amiga, e.g. SnoopDOS, but most of those probably aren't going to run with KS 1.0, and don't show stuff happening quite at the hardware level which seems to be what you need.
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