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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I wrote to Capcom Europe with a link to this thread 2 years ago and heard nothing. But I have a feeling that's just because the right people didn't get the message. Rich, any ideas who I should seek permission from exactly?
The problem is if they do decide suddenly to give two hoots - there's a young market out there that hasn't discovered Final Fight yet, these things tend to come around again in some form or other, reboots, remakes etc.
This is far too much work (this thread alone is enough sometimes!) to get lynched at the end.
If you still want to contact them I can probably ping some of my friends who negotiated contracts with publishers and licensers, some of them are bound to have been in contact with Capcom at one point or another. These guys would certainly be able to point out to the proper entry points.

This said, I would think that Capcom would either want a full legal license or a clear "not associated with Capcom in any way" message clearly visible.
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