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Sorry Angus, I've read your post over and over, but I can't quite figure out what your point is

If it's concern about an overabundance of Bloodwych reviews...

My personal philosophy is that Amiga resources are complementary, and that this particularly applies to review resources.

Reviews in APoV don't negate or devalue reviews elsewhere, and APoV certainly isn't in competition with anyone - it is intended to represent one aspect of a vibrant, evolving discourse: one that is made richer by virtue of its heterogeneity. And 'APoV' itself doesn't constitute a singular diegesis, but a variety of voices and opinions. And of course the subjective nature of such critical material means that, no matter what the review source may be, the reader ultimately has the most important role in what is fundamentally a dialogic process of meaning construction.

In short, I think the more reviews, the better
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