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Yes, its IKEA =)

This particular model is gone though. I found it online, figured I wanted it so I had to drive for a few hours to an IKEA that still had it in stock. When I bought it, the clerk said "Yeah, its being replaced with this better model tomorrow". ... Had I know that, I would have waited and gotten the new model instead. hehe.

The CD32 does fit, but not with the joystick connected. I thought of drilling a hole in the cabinet so that I could fit the joysticks through it instead.
I am waiting on the RGB/IDE solution for it though, so when I get that figured out, I'll find a better solution for it. I hate it that way around as well.

I am also going to hang the TV on the backplate, bringing it up a bit. That gives me space for 2 more consoles which will be the intellivision (wont fit inside) and perhaps the CD32. Not sure yet. I want to move the Amiga 1200 or C64 up as well so I can reach the keyboard, or put some kind of shelf where they are today so I can pull them out.

Also, the wooden door that is closed is where I previously had all the power adapters before moving it all to the back. I'll replace that with a glass door as well, giving me room for 2 more consoles. Not sure which yet. Perhaps a Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 8bit. Just have to find a NES first.. they cost way to much right now.
I can play GameCube games on the Wii and NES games on the N64 though, so that is a bit of a low priority.
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