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Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
if you are using telser.device to make connections that is true, however if you want to run a telnet daemon it relies on amitcp's inetd daemon to kick off the telserd daemon. Never having used any of the other tcp stacks you mention I don't know if they provide a similar system.

To be honest most people just use telnetd.device if they are hosting a telnet server anyhow but i have recently been adding better support for using telser.device as the serial device to host telnet sessions in ami-express.
Yes, this package is a minimal one to get up and running as a telnet client. Removing the AmiTCP: dependencies from the entire chain of things needed for acting as a incoming service most likely requires more binaries from the telser archive.

And yes, at least Roadshow and Miami has inetd functionality, but telnetd.device usually works better and is easier to setup as an incoming solution.
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