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A friend of mine, who is also on eab (mast) is planning an upgrade to a nForce board and he informed me about that motherboard's capabilities. I checked a review at tom's hardware and it's indeed promising.

It's on board sound capabilities are said to be better than "anything creative has ever designed" and there is a Geforce2 MX as a graphics chip which will probably be replaced by better nVidia chips in the future nForce models.

nVidia don't manufacture the board themselves, motherboard manufacturers do that and MSI K7N-420 PRO nForce motherboard is 140$ here in Turkey.

I was against the idea of putting everything on board since most of the time, either sound or graphic chips sucked, intel for example, made some lame attempts but nForce looks cool and when it gets old in a year or two it won't be a problem to replace it for it's just too cheap.

I'm not planning an upgrade from my AMD 800 /GeForce 2 system soon but if I do, I'll absolutely prefer a nForce model with a better gfx chip for I just can't downgrade to MX
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