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Originally posted by Minuous

In fact, as a developer, I can attest that Amiga doesn't care out the development base either. Eg. where are the AmigaOS tutorials, examples, tips, etc. on that were promised at least 9 months ago!?

Also the fact that I, with Olaf Barthel and others, resurrected the IFF FORM and Chunk Registry, and the Hardware Manufacturer ID Registry, after we had been promised by Ray Akey that these would be put onto This was done 6 months ago, still nothing has been done. (In the interim they are hosted on my site.) Amiga can't treat their developers like this. Amiga seem bent on suicide.

And where is Boing Bag 2, obviously they don't give a damn about it.

This Microfilth crap is the last straw.

Therefore, Amigan Software has regretfully taken the decision to participate in the AmigaDE boycott. Rest assured that our commitment to OS3.x remains as firm as ever.
Amiga Inc. has been hurting for money the last 1 1/2 years like most of I.T. That could be why there is no Boing Bag 2 out etc. What is wrong with OS 3.9 though that warrents a Boing Bag 2? I runs very stable for me.
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