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[B]After Amiga Inc. announced they were PARTNERING with microsoft, community's support seem to be dissolving. Most of us retro people, including me don't see any relationship between Amiga Inc. and the Amiga concept at all but I'd like to hear your opinions about this.
I think AmigaDE (now called "Amiga Anywhere" is a cool concept, but I don't care about it until it has established a software base.

"Partnering" in this context just means that MS is going to advertise its WinCE platform with AmigaDE applications (which run on it anyway) and in exchange does a little promotion for Amiga (like offering them some space on their big and prominent show booths). That's about all.

I'm pasting there stuff directly from Amiga Network News. Check that great site for further information.
I wouldn't call ANN a great news site It's one big flamewar/bitching arena. People capable of reading German should use as their news service (the english translation is lagging about 12-24 hours), everybody else should check I regularly visit ANN, but just to have fun see while watching people bitch and complain...

Quote: announcement
Polish Boycott of Amiga Inc. Spreads to Hungary
OverShaker themes site boycots Amiga/
SWAUG cuts ties with Amiga, INC
Those guys are just plain stupid, sorry. In January 2000 (when Amino/Amiga Inc. had their first press conference) it was clearly stated that AmiVerse/AmigaDE/AA should run anywhere, including (of course) Windows and WinCE (in fact, gaining a market share on MS Operating Systems is quite vital for the DE concept). That was more than two years ago. Everybody who realises *now* that Amiga Inc. is not "attacking" MS directly from the start is just plain stupid.
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