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People vs. the Amiga Inc.

After Amiga Inc. announced they were PARTNERING with microsoft, community's support seem to be dissolving. Most of us retro people, including me don't see any relationship between Amiga Inc. and the Amiga concept at all but I'd like to hear your opinions about this.

I'm pasting there stuff directly from Amiga Network News. Check that great site for further information. announcement
The biggest polish Amiga portal, withdraw from publishing news/stories directly connected to Amiga Inc. due to latest .NET & Amiga "mariage".

Polish Boycott of Amiga Inc. Spreads to Hungary
"The latest Amiga Inc. policy shifts... give us no other option than to say farewell to them for good..." announced Grzegorz Juraszek of Poland's Amiga news service. The Hungarian Amiga news service quickly followed.

OverShaker themes site boycots Amiga/
Overshaker, the Amiga themes website, removed the links to since the partnership with Microsoft has been announced.

SWAUG cuts ties with Amiga, INC
At South Wales Amiga User Group we cannot see the relevance of direction that Amiga,Inc is taking at the moment. The Microsoft announcement was the final straw. Therefore from now on we will only focus on Amiga "Classic" ( I hate that phrase).
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