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Originally Posted by touko View Post
1) the chipram is a 280ns DRAM,you can find this information easily .
2) the fastest chips(blitter,copper) are accessing to this RAM ,1 word every 2 cycles(to be easily interleaved with the 68k's 4 cycles of acces time) at 7.16 mhz, which confirm the first point .

For the SRAM in the archie,i have read this information on a tec note, but in don't remember where !!.
So until i find this information i trust you, but i don't remember to have read any refresh time on the archie's tec docs .

EDIT: You were right, it use DRAM,i saw it in the VIDC's techdoc,but it's more than twice as fast than amiga one .
I was talking about the fast RAM (to compare with what the Archie has : fast RAM only).
I have an Amiga 512 kbyte RAM card on my desk, it uses 80 ns chips.
I still believe for the fast RAM the Amiga had to use 125 ns capable D-RAMs (or better, like these 80 ns capable chips), so there is no 'magic' making the Amiga design awesome in this matter, in reality.

Back to the topic :
In 1992 :
- best machine for technical innovation : Falcon
- best gaming machine with great library, with affordable pricing : Amiga A1200

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