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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Absolute bullshit. If compatibility was such an important factor, why was anything other than a 68000/010 machine useless for games?
Ah, are you sure compatibily is bullshit??
a simple question, why do you think commodore put a bus,copper,blitter in AGA at 7.16 Mhz with a 2 access cycle chipRAM like OCS if not to maintain compatibility ??
Do you really think that a full 1 cycle access to chipram was not possible 8 years later ??, sure it was, but compatibility would surely have gone and the machine would have been more expensive too .

Btw another way to read your remark about the RAM expansion as 'out of budget' is to understand you admit RAM upgrade for the Amiga was very expensive, thus making the Archimedes, with its standard 1 Mbyte of RAM ( + 512 kbytes ROM at launch time), not that expensive after all.
RAM always have been expensive, it's not an amiga fact, and i don't see how SRAM at 8mhz(archimedes) could be less expensive or more or less at the same price than DRAM at 3.5 mhz(amiga),even in 1992.
And the difference in price between an A500 and a base archimedes in france was close to twice ,maybe more .*
EDIT : in a french mag "atari ST magazine n°21" the archimedes A310 was sold 11990 francs vs A500 4490 francs, without monitor in 1988,so more than 2.5x the price of the amiga and the 512 KB of RAM for amiga was sold for 1090 francs,so i'll don't call the archimedes not that expensive .

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