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Both the 8370 and the 8371 give me the same issue. I get the normal start up sequence (gray, gray white) then the picture cuts out. Software boots fine and even sound comes out but picture is just lost after boot check. I ordered a new 84 pin chip carrier to see if that's the problem but, not only do I not know if that's the problem, I'm also not sure if my soldering skills are good enough for soldering 84 pins.

Any video issues are usually related to Agnus or Denise right? I don't think I touched Denise or anything. And all the traces to the Agnus underneath the board perfectly connected.

The only think I could see as a problem is possible the chip carrier but most people here told me the damage was so light that it most likely wouldn't cause a problem.

I'm just really stumped here because all I have is a Commodore brand paper weight right now. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated.
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