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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I gather this happens for all versions of the game on the FTP server?

The reason I ask is that only the first ADF in the search results (i.e. TOSEC version without error) doesn't seem to have corrupted graphics on level 12.
I think only the disk with checksum error (corrupted level 12) was available when andreas tried the game. However, I have tried all versions on the server and all have the same problem (level 19 can not be completed and back to highscore/title screen after level completion).

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I gather you cheated and copied the level 20 files over the level 19 ones (or something like that!)?

Normally, I never cheat in my longplays. But had no choice here, since the game is broken and I have not the patience to wait for someone to fix it

Look closely at 26:25. No door, so I touch the parasol and the level ends

[ Show youtube player ]

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