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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I think f1 has been safe enough for these speeds since kubica crashed at Canada.
Yeah, that was a very memorable and frightening crash.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
So 4 years ago, Ferrari were pushing Red Bull for the title, now they cannot even make a decent car.

The dark days have definitely returned to them.
Ferriari have been in a real mess for a while now, with various changes at the top of Ferrari and several changes in the F1 team. I think it's safe to say Ferrari won't be winning the championship this year, but (like last year) placing a 1 bet on some of the most unlikeliest drivers to win the championship is a must at the start of the season! (Last year I placed 1 bet's against: Fernando Alonso @ 500/1, Jenson Button @ 500/1, Felipe Massa @ 750/1, Valtteri Bottas @ 750/1, Daniil Kvyat @ 1000/1)
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