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QEMU PPC core is now included. Previous PPC thread is closed. (

QEMU PPC core requirements:

- WinUAE 2.9.0 b23 or newer requirements:
- QEMU built as a library: Unpack to winuae directory, dll gets unpacked to plugins directory.
- Old dependency DLLs are not needed or used anymore. They can be deleted.

EDIT: DLL updated. Based on QEMU 2.2.0rc3.

Old requirements:

- WinUAE 2.9.0 b17 or newer required.
- QEMU dependencies: download and unpack to <winuae dir>\plugins\qemu
- QEMU built as a library: Unpack to same directory as dependecy dlls. (Yes, it is big dll but QEMU is not designed to to be used as a CPU-only emulator)

Previous requirements are still valid: Only CyberStorm PPC is supported. Do not enable any "UAE" devices/controllers if running non-m68k OS and so on..

OS4.x install guide:

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