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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
Hi liviux, I doubt you will get much response to this outside of the compo thread. I would keep things there if at all possible.

I would try the NOVBRMOVE and NOCACHE and anything else you can try in the WHDLoad info box. The game may require a full 1MB chip ram, so make sure you have a clean bootup. Make sure you have the latest WHDLoad slave for the file, as some old slaves wont work with the latest whdload, or go back to using an older version of WHDload. Try the ADFs to ensure the game works at some level, using some level codes provided on the LemonAmiga Benefactor page.
Hi lifeschool, thanks for your help, I've tried a few other things without success...

I'll see if I find a solution for this problem but it is really weird that it worked perfectly until a few days ago.

Maybe later this evening I'll try to find a different whdload preinstalled package...
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