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c'mon ... actually I already expected something like this. But I need FastIPrefs for allocating pens 4-7 for correct colors of MagicWorkbench and the background image :-)

and ... it worked on my real amiga, it worked on fs-uae <1.1.0. so, there must be an interference with the p96 emulation...

Seems like I have to upgrade to os3.9 and newicons soon

Just wanted to emulate my former A4k and began to remember all the hacks and patches I used to use. Have you noticed nickprefs to eleminate the floppy drive click? fs-uae behaves absolutely authentic. While booting my virtual hd, the "empty" drives click, and as soon as nickprefs is loaded, the drive click is gone. exactly as it was 20 years ago on my real amiga :-)

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