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Originally Posted by PHabermehl View Post
Hello Frode,
as soon as I activate P96 - even without using a P96 screen - display of other screens than WB gets corrupted.
It worked on all versions <=1.0.2, 1.1.0 also was defective.
Find config attached, I just changed amiga model from SUPER to A1200/020 to activate/deactivate P96emu.
A1200/020 with manually activated P96 fails also.
Oh, and I could just confirm that the issue disappears when I remove SetPatch from my Startup-Sequence. Again, it worked fine with releases < 1.1.0 and it still works with P96 disabled.
Help, please
I haven't seen this problem, but I'll try to reproduce it (first step in fixing it). Could you tell med what kickstart / workbench version this is, and also the version of SetPatch? (open a shell in Workbench and run SetPatch manually -it will print the version number).

Originally Posted by nexusle View Post
but what's with the string: "fullscreen_mode=fullscreen"? You don't need this, if you use "fullscreen = 1"...
fullscreen_mode=fullscreen actually did do something useful, but in version 1.1.1 "fullscreen" is the default value for fullscreen_mode on all platforms. fullscreen_mode=window (the old default on Linux/Mac) uses a fake fullscreen, by creating a borderless window covering the entire screen.
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