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tcpdump -i Ariadne -s 0 -e -vvv
Tested tcpdump -i prism2 -s 0 -e -vvv

Nothing. I runned scanner and it didn't found my 68k amigas. It does found my OS4 machine, wich has also a static IP.

To be sure that tcpdump works, I runned iBrowse to see what happen and it caused a lots of text to shell window.

Note that I do not belive that this has very few to do with roadshow or ami tcp. Just thinking that this is very weird.

I have Access to my home router, it is Huawei 4g modem. There is very little settings inside of it, comparet to my previous DSL modem.

I have bought Raodshow, so no time limits here.
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