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...ok, given your response I won't bother trying to be nice in future then Lionel.
Sometimes I wonder if I speak chinese lol. Translation: I don't have any time to loose by reading useless and out of topic posts like your 2 last ones, and I really don't care about your attitude with me. So your choice will be always the good one whatever it is. In case you have a short memory (bad luck for you, it's NOT my case), you were the very first who posted a "I appreciate your efforts, but the Amiga palette is great so I don't see why you loose your time by tweaking it". However, the good news is that you learnt from your awkwardness since "nobody" didn't have the privilege to read a such terrible comment. Be constructive should be the norm here, right? It is.

Now about Cabal, since it IS the topic: nobody, I didn't play the whole game, did you tweak the palette until the end or not yet?

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