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Originally Posted by ramon View Post
- Also, "Standard Vsync" make the FPS drop from 50 to ~45 with very bad sound, unless at least "Cycle Exact (DMA/Memopery access)" is selected, which in turn slow down the emulation considerably, even with "JIT" enabled and "CPU Emulation speed" set to "Fastest possible".

In other word, if you want to watch demos that requires a 040/060 and want fast FPS and clean sound, you currently can't use any VSync at all. I already use "Cycle Exact (Full)" for anything Amiga 1200 or lower that runs standard Amiga software and games. The problem is with Amiga 3000 and 4000 and accelerator boards where you need all the speed you can get AND want to have Vsync enabled. "Cycle Extract" is not an option here.
Do you mean 3.6.1 works differently in standard vsync mode using identical config compared to this beta? I can't see any difference.
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