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Originally Posted by oissery77 View Post
I would be great if this FW could manage IPF files through HFE, but yes it will be hard. I tell you that because i own a HxC FW with a gotek and we are waiting for several years for a full support of this feature (V2). For now it's not really working. Jeff will perhaps provide it one day.

BTW, this new FW is a great news
The low level part is now able to executes the opcodes in the stream to support the copy protected images in the last update. So this is almost there. Just need to insert the opcodes into the converter software.

btw since the 2008 hxc usb floppy emulator (this one support all copy protection since almost 10 years) i got finally very few ask for the "ipf" support. is there some interests finally ?
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