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Hey hooverphonique,

So what I understand so far is that:
  • In Kickstart 1.3 (and I guess 1.2)
    needed run under
    and doesn't look anywhere else (might be wrong on this front)
  • In Kickstart 1.3.2 (by using
    like on the Workbench 1.3.2 disk)
    would also use the resident run (but run wasn't resident by default I think)
  • In Kickstart 2+ I think that
    didn't need run anymore? (Not sure on this one though)
If you run
yourself the console output does in fact mention that it's patching
to use resident run.

I think that
also doesn't inherit the current directory from the calling app in 1.3 (again might be wrong) which would mean that even if it looks someone else it's probably not going to look where you expect.

I have to admit I've found this all very confusing!
I think I'm half-way down a rabbit hole
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