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Originally Posted by matburton View Post
First-up is there a good place to find docs/examples specific to the libraries present in Kickstart 1.3?
I've been using but there's a lot of 2.0 only stuff in there which I'm getting caught-out by.
Do you have access to the Amiga Developer CD 2.1? There's an AmigaOS 1.3 NDK in there with the 1.3 Autodocs. The later versions of autodocs will clearly say what stuff requires v36 etc. though.

Originally Posted by matburton View Post
If not is there any way to make run resident using the libraries in v34 before calling Execute if I have a copy which isn't under the c: assign?
If you have Run available then you should have Resident as well, so just calling
resident run
would make it resident.

You can also do it programmatically by loading the program with
first, and then adding its segment pointer to the end of the list at
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