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Originally Posted by Anemos View Post
Hello.. im on Amiga again, and this is fresh,tested and working perfect.
Test it, and stay happy amigans and atarians..

Resistor values should be different (but nowadays it is not important so much)

Resistor at Pin 8 SCART can be around 1 - 2k (as this input is rated 10k impedance), Pin16 is rated as 75Ohm thus it can be something around 75 - 100 Ohm

Next info if - level at Pin 8 will be between 5.5 - 7.5V then TV should switch to 16:9 mode. (fastest way to achieve this is Zener diode (6.2 - 6.8V will be perfect).

Oh, please fix Pin16 source - this is TTL level input - anything higher than 5V can damage TV - this is very fast input - reason why it have TTL levels in past it was used as input for something that Amiga output as ZD (Zero Detect) - to switch between two RGB sources - crude genlock (mostly used for external teletext decoders - so called superimpose mode).


Ok with 510Ohm Pin16 should be safe (assuming that this is 75 Ohm input on SCART).

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