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Doh! Just found my originals bag. I had some games in there too, and some apps. Here's the list (same rules as before)

Cannon Fodder 2 (3 disks) (Virgin)
Carrier Command (Mirror Image - Mirrosoft Budget Label)
F/A-18 Interceptor (EA - free with A500)
Falcon (2 disks) (Spectrum Holbyte)
Falcon: The Mission Disks Vol 1 (Spectrum Holbyte)
Final Whistle (Anco)
Kick Off 2 + World Cup 90 (Anco)
Lost Treasures of Infocom, The (2 disks)
        Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker
        Deadline, The Witness, Suspect, Moonmist, Ballyhoo
Populous II & The Challenge Games (2 disks) (HitSquad - budget)

I've got all the usual WB disks, Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint plus AMOS/AMOS Compiler and many others. But in this list I'll just put interesting stuff I have as originals.

AMOS TOME (TOtal Map Editor) (Shadow Software)
Master Sound (Microdeal, 1990)
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