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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Entirely depends on your view of "better".


I loved the A3010 (I had one) In terms of expandability I reckon the best of the "one box" Acorn Archimedes was the A3000 (you could put an Arm 3 in it. Not possible with the A3010/20/4000 (although some 3010's had Arm 2's which could be upgraded) There was also a Floppy drive upgrade which would give you a 1.6MB drive like the newer machines. You could also put 8MB on the A3000... the others could only handle a max of 4MB.

Best Non -Risc PC is probably the A5000 if you can cope with the 3 box design... Again 8MB, 25 or 33Mhz (in later machines) Arm 3....

Rarity is the A540, which can be upgraded to the same (or better? not sure) spec as a 5000, its an older machine but was probably as good or better than the early A5000's ....advantage is more memory (up to 16 MB) and a few other bits. Although only initially a Risc OS 2 machine, it could be upgraded like all the others.

Risc PC... well its the most advanced but might gripe at some of the older games unless you get patched versions (Particularly if you have a Strongarm Risc PC)

bleh my 2p worth

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