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Yep ive seen it Zetr0, it was seeing that which inspired me to think of a 1200 casing with pc gubbins... lovely case, and would make a great mod, one problem... lousy pc keyboard, lol i want an amiga keyboard, also i wear keyboards out FAST! i need one that is easily replacable, hense the idea of remaped keyboard with miggy keys (i was gonna buy some blank keytops and do my own water slide decals for lettering)

if only i could find one of thos micronik kits to change a A1200 keyboard into a PS2 one, or some way to hook up a 3000/4000 or CDTV keyboard to a PC either via PS/2 or USB, the nearest i can find is a keyrah, ok if i wanna build system in old 1200 casing, but crap if i wanna build a small tower or desktop with amiga keyboard, i dont want a tower and a 1200 case plonked on as a keyboard (im a stickler for neatness, and things looking "right")
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