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Finding the best setup is a complicated topic. In general you try to find the fastest setup in which the game is still playable. The goal should be the reduction of loading times which can really slow down your attempt on the long run.
A good example is Monkey Island 2:
The top runners all play the Amiga Version, because it runs the fastest of all available version. They also use a special custom made ScummVM version to run the game even faster. So finding the fastest setup is common.
Personally I use most of the time the WHDLoad of a game using WinUAE.
It might even be better to use FS-WINUAE, but I have not really used and tested it.
Due to the very small number of Amiga runners there is not much research done finding the best setups, most of the time I am on my own trying to find out what works best for me.
Sure you can always agree on a setup with others runners thats no problem.
My main competitors are DOS/PC gamers, so I can look at their runs and compare if I can match their speed. Of course the Amiga version is most of the times slower so it gets its own Leaderboard (with some exceptions of course, but this does not matter to me)
So the answer your question:
There are no real standards set, as long as they are not written down in the rules for the game (like Paperboy i.e.).

Really funny that you are wondering about Text Adventures, because I am running one at the moment. I always wanted to do one, which does have some nice graphics and is not that long.
On there are some Zork games submitted.

Cheers MilkToast
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