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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
It was way more expensive than an A500. And while it basically was an A500 with a CD drive attached, it couldn't run any existing Amiga software unless you bought keyboard, mouse and disk drive separately - but with the cost of all those peripherals, you ended up at twice the price of the A500, IIRC.

IIRC, the CDTV shipped for $1000 initially. The only competitor - the Philips CD-i - shipped for $700 less, but that was also a failure.

Plus, as somebody already mentioned: As usual, Commodore had no idea how to market it.
It was more expensive than the A500 because of the CD drive and more expensive casing and parts tbf. When they released the Multimedia Pack in 1992 for £599 it worked out cheaper than buying a A500 for £350 + £350 for the A570 CD drive.

Btw the CDTV and CD-i both launched at $999 in the US, in the UK CDTV was £599 and CD-i £699, was never more expensive than the CD-i.
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