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Originally Posted by fxgogo View Post
Hey Cube Theory, nice intro. I have to laugh at your stories of missed retro opportunities and mishaps. I had an entire collection of BBC kit offered to me for free, well a donation to a charity, but essentially free. It had everything, computers, drives, monitors and software up the wazoo. I just had to go and pick it up. Well I too so long to go pick it up, the guys wife threw it all in the trash.

I still cry a little bit when I tell that tale.
I cringe when I think of the old computers and handhelds that have passed through my hands, and I let go of. My Beeb always had a B&W CCTV monitor attached to it. I got given a Model B (Mine's an upgraded Model A, which My Dad and I upgraded, hence the attachment), twin externally powered Opus 40/80 track drives, and a Microvitec Cub Monitor.

I sold it on for £40. the reason I didn't keep the monitor? the base colours the Beeb produced were horrible and everything looked better in Monochrome! I did keep the drives through.

The guy who bought it off me eventually gave it away.
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