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Hi From a returning Amiga User


I was a member on here many years ago, but my old account appears to have gone now.

I got my first Amiga (A500) in '89 when I was 16, after getting a summer job in Wimpy (burger place in the UK) to save up for it. I'd had a Dragon 32 and a BBC Micro before that.

Years later I picked up a couple of Amiga 1200's, one I bought from a friend and one I found in a church fair for £8!

I was also given a barely functional A1000 with a broken keyboard.

I towered one, with a Blizzard 030, 32mb, 2gb HD, etc. the other I gave to my cousin.

I stupidly sold the tower in 2006 for £160 but never really thought about it until my friend told me he was starting a retro computer collection, at first I donated my A1000, A500 and Dragon 32, as they'd all been in storage, but kept the BBC as it has a special meaning for me, and I nursed it back to health.

That was the trigger for me. I suddenly started collecting retro computers, a couple of Spectrums, a ZX81, an Oric Atmos, and repairing them. I then started thinking about the things I'd had and regretted getting rid of such as a Psion Series 5, and trying to collect them again.

It was then I suddenly realised I should never have given my A500 and Dragon away!! Fortunately my friend gave me them back last week, and I've been having a blast on the A500.

I've cleaned and repaired my external Roctec drive (new belt), put one of my Goteks into another external housing, and im about to make a new RGB cable. as I have all the bits (I made one back in the day as my TV wouldn't work with any off the shelf ones so I already have a suitable DB23)

Next thing is the A500 itself. the Caps look ok, but I'm going to recap it. I have the necessary skills and tools (desoldering station, etc) but I'm a little nervous, as its a special machine for me. Any tips on this would be appreciated.

I'd like to get my hands on an A1200 at some point, but im in no rush, just biding my time hoping I strike it lucky with a good deal (like one of my spectrums which a friend found in his dad's loft and gave to me).
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