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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
I notice a certain smell in this thread, one which poisons several other threads in this great forum already. The smell of trolls poison.

@timeslip1974: Don´t be put off by comments of some guys who have never learned to filter their thoughts before putting them online, and so are destroying the community. They are loud and noisy, but they still are the crying minority. Glad you guys are so determined and finally release your game.
I really have to pull you up on this point Richard

You seem to be implying that I'm a troll and a destroyer of the Amiga community... nothing could be further from the truth

Ok yes, I'm opinionated and won't just sit back and say nothing when something is wrong... but you really need to do your research before you make such allegations towards me.

Everything I do is in order to progress the Amiga community and absolutely free; not for personal, financial gain; unlike yourself...

Let's see, here's a quick list, but by no means exhaustive:
  • Moderated the most popular Amiga forum 24 / 7 for many, many years now.
  • Constantly provide help / advise / feedback to users who need assistance with everything Amiga related.
  • Created / shared my own project to the public; that's taken over 15 years to perfect.
  • Given back all donations to the above, and more, to the Amiga community and key figures.
  • Contributed over £1000 pounds to Toni in donations over the numerous years as a thank you for his continuous hard work.
  • Looked after one of the Amiga community's most valuable resources; the "EAB File Server" and donated to Turran on numerous occasion to better the hardware / performance / throughput.
  • Uploaded virtually the complete TOSEC files to the "EAB File Server" so that others can obtain easily.
  • Sponsored €700 to the "EAB Games Competition" and run this without any help.
  • Purchased quite a few rare Amiga games and donated them to other members so that they can be preserved; as I don't have the hardware.
  • Supported / purchased numerous games over the years from developers.
  • Numerous other things which I've currently forgotten...

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