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Errors with WHDLoad games on real A1200, fine on emulator

Hi all, this may not be due to WHDLoad at all, but posting here initially.

I've got an A1200 that I recently added 4mb of fast ram to (a cheap RCA120 board) in the hopes of finally getting WHDLoad working nicely. I had it installed before installing the RAM and from what I remember it worked ok, except for the games that required extra ram.

When testing in an emulator with the CF card hard drive, games work with no problems - but on the real A1200, almost no WHDLoad games work. Most error with "Address Error" exception messages (Exception "Address Error" ($800C) at $FDFF6EB2 occured) or with invalid kickstart image messages (error during 'resload_LoadKick' invalid kickstart image 'devs.kickstarts/kick40068.a1200') - but the kickstart images are in the right place, and like I say, work ok on the emulator.

Any ideas what I can try? Would reinstalling WHDLoad help? Or could this be a fault with the memory?
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