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One way is trading. But that obviously depends if you have something of interest to the person willing to trade. Do you collect any other computers/consoles for example.
Also depending on where you work you can bite the bullet and let out your interested in old computers and you might be surprised what might crop up.
Just be careful of people not knowing what they are selling and want to charge a fortune. Hardware is old and has its foibles. Capacitor and battery leakage, disk drives failing and yellowing of plastic.

It can be a bit of a rabbit hole of needing to buy other parts to overcome issues. For example floppy disks are very flaky now. Need to move to a Gotek or if a A1200 then running a Compact Flash card as a IDE harddrive, but then you really need extra memory to run WHDLoad games (and excellent way of playing games).

As said you could start off trying WinUAE or an emulator on Raspberry Pi 3.

Oh FPGA is also a good alternative. The is MiST , UnAMIGA , MiSTer.
Most devices you can use USB devices, SCART RBG or VGA or HDMI and you get other systems also for free. MiST has loads of computers and consoles. Really active developers at the moment. It has rare computer 'Cores' such as Sam Coupe and Archimedes

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