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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
On WinUAE and CD32 emulation, and an audio CD, it works for me. But I run it in the editor with a full Workbench.

Find the latest version here:

-Fixed issue where object icons were not visible in runtime.
-Added action trigger to Set Target to closest object of one type.
-Tile solidity properties is now graphically visible in the Tile properties screen.
-Added action trigger Multiply Speed by Var(iable).
-Added action trigger to set a Var(iable) with the count objects of some type.
-Keep on screen trigger moved to the render cathegory.
-Added action trigger Set Display Pos to set the position of an object relative to the screen.
-Added options in sound screen to remove Sounds and Modules.
-Experimental PlayCD32 trigger improved.
what do you mean : "I run it in the editor with a full Workbench"
Full workbench ?

Behavior with CD32 button [Animated GIF]
I think the red and fire button works at the same time.
From where the result when we change the fire button by red button.
Same behavior for fire 2 button and blue button.
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