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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
That's not scanline separation, that's the aperture grille that separates the color elements in each pixel. In a Trinitron-style CRT, the red, green, and blue phosphors are lined up as vertical bars right next to each other; thus, in a heavily blue/green field like you're displaying in the upper-left corner, the red element will be at low intensity and on a sufficiently coarse grid may be noticable in its absence.

Anyway, yes, CRTs are vastly superior in picture quality to LCDs at anything other than native resolution, and even there LCDs mostly win out on non-picture aspects like footprint and power consumption.

OK, thanks for the explanations. Yes my CRT is a Sony Trinitron TV.

Originally Posted by iddqd
Just wondering how a Sony PVM compares to an 1084 when using it for Amiga stuff? It seems like the PVMs are mainly used for TV console gaming systems.
I've a Sony PVM (14M4E) and frankly I prefer the 1084. The image on the PVM is sharper, too much for my taste at least, whereas it is soften on the 1084, like a kind of natural antialiasing, but still sharp enough for pixel art which is what I use my Amiga for.

However, the problem with 1084s is their fragility. I broke 3 since 1993. OTOH, Sony PVMs look indestructible (and weight a lot !).
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