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Hi, there. I realize this is an old thread, but I know there are people who are going to search for information in regards to the SubLogic scenery disks who will come to this site. I want to be able to provide the answers that people are looking for, because I played FSII on the Commodore 64 and Amiga when they were out in the 80's.

As we know, there are 12 disks which cover the US, and then there is Hawaii, Japan, San Francisco, and Western Europe. One piece of information that you need to know is that scenery disks 8 and 10 of the US were never made. I had all the scenery disks, and those two never came out. #12 never came out for the C64, however it did come out for the PC and the Amiga. The Amiga has everything EXCEPT disks 1-6, 8, and 10. They were most likely never completed, because SubLogic was working more and more with Microsoft and MSFS3 and 4. Those scenery disks would work on those two simulators, but SubLogic released two packages called "USA West" and "USA East". This provided full coverage for FS4 and their ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) program. Shortly after that, they released SubLogic "Flight" which had full USA coverage, and then they worked with Sierra to make ProPilot - which also had USA coverage. It just didn't make sense to continue working on those old scenery disks when they already had something better and most people had moved on from MSFS2 and 3. Also note that MSFS4 was the first simulator to be open for third party development and user created content. It's a wonderful, classic simulator full of possibilities, and it's understandable that most people had moved on from the older simulators to it and the alternatives after that.

I know it's not what you want to hear, and I don't like it either. But that is how it is. I've been featuring full flights on the C64 and Amiga on my YouTube channel (KILRtv) using the scenery disks. I would love to have those missing disks for the areas not covered, but unfortunately they just aren't available. But at least I can enjoy the good times that I had once again on both platforms.

I am curious about the Great Britain scenery. I had never seen that and wonder if that same scenery is incorporated in Western Europe. It obviously exists, because there's a picture of the disk in one of the posts above.
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