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Originally Posted by ItsTheSmell View Post
I sold my A500 immediately upon seeing the PlayStation teaser of the Tyranosuarus. 2 years ago I was checking through some floppy discs I had for my PC which reminded me of my days with myvold Amiga. I mentioned it to an old school mate who said he had an Amiga in the garage. I shot up to get it and it was a 1200! I'm about 2 grand into the Amiga bug.
This makes me feel slightly better: I'm "only" about £600 in so far. (Of course, I bought an 030 accelerator to upgrade the thing almost immediately, and now I've got an email tempting me to one of those fancy FPGA jobbies, which is just *way* more expensive again... and after that I'll still have a computer that's slower than my 19 year old Athlon 600MHz, but of course, that's not an Amiga and runs Windoze 2000 so doesn't really compare. )
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