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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
Thanks for the offer but I've got another idea for the floppy drive in the works to replace it with something a bit more modern.

BTW drop a link to your channel and I'll take a look. What style of music do you play? A while back in my man cave tour video you may of noticed I've a nice set of 1200s on the bench behind my pc desk. I'm currently working on a few changes to the cave hence why there hasn't been a video this week. The olivetti part 3 will be up this weekend then its onto more Amiga stuff with a cool project I've got planned that hopefully you lot will enjoy!

Oh and I try to make a point of engaging with everyone that comments on my videos. I'm still a very small channel and it doesn't take that long to write a simply reply.

Nathan Milnthorpe

If you type that in you will Find my Channel Easily am not sure how to link it I Apologise

Mainly Liquid Drum and Bass but I do Dabble in Old School Garage and Dub too.

Am Glad you have a Idea to get the Floppy Sorted Buddy :-) if you Ever do need a Floppy Drive for Amiga Projects Etc they won't be Going anywhere. I use Gotek Drives they are Solid :-)

I will also Engage with People i'm very New myself to YouTube with only 3 Subs haha

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