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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
This weekends hardware video is part 2 of the Olivetti M300-02. This time we have another look at the floppy drive, install our ESS AudioDrive sound card and cd drive.

[ Show youtube player ]

The floppy drive is still not working so if anyone has anyone has any thoughts as to what I can try next please let me know.
I have Two Amiga Floppy Drives here. Would any of those be Salvageable to you to try and Repair the Olivetti? the One I know Reads and Writes fine it's just Loud! and the other Picks and Chooses but maybe there Could be a Way of using the Parts in the Slimline Olivetti I don't know though. Would you Like these? I don't want anything for them just a Sub to my Channel and Some Friendly Advice and Banter on Here :-)
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