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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
The old Pepto was always wrong. He fixed this "issue" with the newer Colodore palette some time back. This is the most authentic look, which looks very close to everything i've connected my PAL C64. I wrote something here a few days ago, with a screenshot comparsion.

Haven't checked it yet, since i always use PAL. PAL has more TV lines hence the higher resolution. But it shouldn't look stretched though.

Alas, I just tried running the colodore palette in VICE x64 with both PAL & NTSC and all I get is a black screen. Wondering if it's a bug. I imagine it might be since the VICE cores are relatively new. Using the latest cores with the latest official Retroarch, btw. With the Sony pepto NTSC palette on PAL it looks okay but there sure is room for improvement.

Regarding the slightly off-kilter aspect ratio on PAL vs. NTSC in my config, here's a post I recently made over on Lemon with screen shots and detailed info. It's stretched but not terribly stretched. Still, looks "off" though. I'm still rather new to all this.

A palette for PAL (VICE) that looks like Sony pepto-NTSC?
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