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Originally Posted by MartinW View Post
Well I did give this a go because I'm interested in anything that might run on my graphics card but sadly, I don't have anything old enough to be a reasonable task for it.

Quite an achievement though!

There was one quirk - if I mounted the root of any of my drives, so let's say "mount C DATA:" then while it mounted and I could go to drive C no files or directories were found. If I mounted
instead (for example) then it worked as expected.

Yep I always mount it to something like Work:Games, never to the root.

I'll attach something nice and old for you to test!

If you do try it on real hardware or FPGA/WinUAE/Amithlon then make sure you set the correct core and cycles in the config file.

For real hardware you should use the 'simple' core and cycles set to say 700 (fast 060, don't even bother with an 040). If you have a fast FPGA then you could try the 'simple' core with say 1,000-3,000 cycles and on WinUAE/AROS/Amithlon then it's better to use the more stable 'normal' core and a setting for say 10,000 cycle (depending on how old the game is).

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